Our children have a great time with Mr. McNallan, and the rest of the Changing Lives Martial Arts staff. They do an outstanding job in terms of being highly attentive to all the children, getting to know everyone on a first name basis and positively motivating the kids to be respectful of others.

Karen, Bridgewater, NJ

SO proud to be part of an organization that is so FAMILY oriented!.

Anna, Whitehouse Station, NJ

We came to Changing Lives Martial Arts for a couple of reasons – I wanted my son to be involved in a sport and wasn’t crazy about playing baseball. I thought that martial arts would be great for my son’s balance, coordination, and self-control. I wanted him to feel confident and to have self-discipline. My son has changed his work habits at school, his overall look towards school, and following directions have improved!

Lisa, Branchburg, NJ

Our experience at Changing Lives Martial Arts is a life rewarding experience. We would like to thank the instructors and staff; Especially, Chief Instructor, Mr. Cory McNallan had always been patient, encouraging, and detailed in training us. We also thank the students for their friendship. The martial arts skills of all the instructors were very admirable. Their kindness, excellent teaching and mentoring have contributed to our lasting passion for martial arts training after moving to PA due to my job relocation.

Jane, Royerford, PA

Those concepts of discipline, hard work, goal setting and respect that your reinforce daily are invaluable – priceless in fact – and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity in having come to know you and train at your facility. The diligence and dedication demonstrated by your team to students like Finn has been a revelation to us, and is deeply appreciated.

Frank, Jacksonville, FL

Sincerest Thanks for a wonderful presentation at Cub Scout Pack 64’s Meeting on May 12th, 2012. Everyone had SO MUCH FUN!! We are hoping to see Mr.McNallan, Ms.Fernandez and Mr.Fernandez again SOON!! This is UNFORGETTABLE!! Parents were sending us thanks right after our Pack Meeting!! WE LOVE YOU!! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Natasha, Bridgewater, NJ

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