Quick and easy to learn.
The Israeli Army designed Krav Maga to work around your body’s natural movements. Everything just feels “right”.
This makes it very unique because it’s extremely easy to pick up. Sure, there’s a learning curve (like with anything). But it’s a FUN learning curve, and it’s not like learning how to ride a bike all over again, or anything hard like that.
Adult Self-Defense in Branchburg NJ
Become more confident, and more in control.
Krav Maga is a very “mental” style of martial arts. This means that it’s not about how much physical power you have. It’s about what’s going on inside of your mind and your spirit.
Through Krav Maga – your confidence will grow…your self-control and self- discipline will skyrocket… and your awareness over yourself, and the choice you make, will become keen. That way you can steer yourself to live the kind of life you truly want and deserver.
Quickly learn self-defense.
Many martial arts require a lot of time to feel like you’re at a level where you can fend for yourself. However, in creating Krav Maga the Israeli Army needed people to be combat ready fast.
That’s why within just a few classes you’ll already feel more confident in your ability to defend yourself. And within a few weeks? I’d be scared for whoever decided to mess with you on the street!