Our Changing Lives Martial Arts Youth Program provides children ages 8-12yrs the opportunity to learn Traditional and Sport Taekwondo in a comfortable but challenging atmosphere. Our curriculum not only embodies effective and powerful self-defense skills, but it also emphasizes the proper attitude to use these skills appropriately.
Martial Arts is unlike any other sport or activity that children can participate in; the lessons taught inside our school extend far beyond the training mat. Studies show that children who train in martial arts do better in school, focus longer, and have better conduct both in school and at home.

Another advantage of martial arts is that it’s a very effective way for children to participate in a healthy and fun activity. A growing concern for American children is proper exercise and nutrition. Due to budget cuts, most school systems have drastically reduced PE programs, giving children little or no exercise. The type of fitness gained from martial arts training is unlike any other sport, gym, or fitness club.

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